NELSA FARRUGIA, Founder and Tour Director.

After her studies in Marketing, Nelsa´s affair with the visual arts begins at Art Quest Intl., a US-based boutique travel agency specializing in art and architecture tours around the world, where she organized and participated in dozens of meetings with artists, gallery owners, collectors and all kinds heavyweights of the art world. She went on to continue her studies at the ENAH (National School of Anthropology and History) where she got formal training as a tour guide in 2011.

A passionate advocate of the art and history of her native Mexico, Nelsa has participated in projects such as organizing a satellite art fair at Art Basel 2010, working hand-in-hand with the Director of the National Art Museum in Mexico City and launching and directing the Affordable Art Fair in Mexico City until 2014. 


SARA AROESTE, Associate Scholar.

Sara Aroeste graduated as a Bachelor in Graphic Design at the Anahuac University but soon, her immense love for the arts led to years of postgraduate studies: Painting at San Carlos (UNAM), a Master in Modern and Contemporary Art History and a PhD in Art History at the Centro de Cultura Casa Lamm. As a university professor, she teaches art ranging from antiquity to contemporary times. She has curated several exhibitions, is an art critic, gives conferences, has done research for study plans and has published articles and texts for art related books.

As an eager connoisseur of the Mexican art world, Sara has devised and conducted numerous art tours since 2005, displaying the Pre-Columbian art, colonial art, and the Mexican muralists. She has led many encounters with museum and gallery directors, curators, art collectors, and has visited more than three hundred studios of well renowned contemporary artists.


MICHAEL SYKES, Development.


Michael Sykes has been involved in cultural travel for 18 years. As the co-founder of Cuba Cultural Travel, along with his wife Catalina in 1998 and then co-founder of Art Quest International in 2003, Michael has spent a good part of his  life helping people discover and enjoy art, music, dance and food in vibrant cities around  the world.  His long history of connecting adventurous and curious travelers with  talented and innovative artists has allowed him to form lasting relationships that play a key role in the success of our programs.


“The most satisfying aspect of my job is searching  for clever and talented people with fresh ideas and giving  people a platform to showcase their talents to our visitors. Supporting  artists and brave new entrepreneurs and watching them thrive is something that gives me a wonderful appreciation for my job”